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Dynamically growing, since 2007

Providing environmentally conscious solutions for our clients.

Our Philosophy

From the first day of our operation, we had a very specific, strategic orientation: to become an important pillar for supporting sustainable development in the country, one that will actively contribute to change and reconstruct critical sectors of the Greek economy: Infrastructure Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, Telecommunications, Power Plants, etc.

We aim to be the first electrical engineering choice of commercial and construction companies in Greece and to continuously provide a high level of quality, efficiency, and integrity, thus creating a positive and rewarding environment for both staff and clients.


We build strategic, long-term relationships with construction firms in Greece and internationally, who share the same ethics and quality standards. To achieve this, we persistently  invest in human capital, innovation and vertical integration.

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Health and safety

The health & safety of our employees and partners is a matter of major importance and is one of the most fundamental values ​​of A&G's corporate culture.

Occupational safety is supported at all levels – from the construction site to the boardroom. We are proud of the fact that to date there have been no serious injuries or accidents on our projects. Our employees are trained to take care of their health and protect themselves from possible risks and accidents.


A&G implements a Certified Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. In this context, all procedures applied to monitor and evaluate health and safety issues contribute to the successful prevention of occupational accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, while at the same time ensure collective and comprehensive protection.


The A&G Team

All of our operations are managed from our central locations in Athens and London. The A&G executive management team, whose collective experience spans across 20+ years in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Construction, Project Development, and Energy Technologies, operates in our headquarters in Alimos, along with our Procurement, Economics, Research & Development, Logistics, and Marketing departments, which provide support to a large team of qualified on-site technicians.

Our construction teams are distinguished for their high level of technical expertise. We passionately support a "lifelong learning" mentality, which entails ongoing training, monthly seminars and participation in exhibitions & conferences. Our people are regularly exposed to new project experiences that strengthen their skills and ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our Executive Management Team plans strategically and assesses the needs of our clients, assigning the construction team fit for the project, and oversees its success from start to finish. We designate a full-time Engineer to every project, in order to share insight and work directly with all of the contracting parties. Moreover, each project is coordinated by an experienced Construction Foreman who is on-site to oversee all operations and manage the technical crew daily. 

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