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We provide top quality, fast performing services, through a team of excellent professionals, with relevant and extensive experience. We design and deliver solutions that strictly meet your own specifications.


Electrical Works

A&G complies with the ELOT HD 384 standard, while appreciating the laws of art & science. We offer a full range of electrical services related to the construction of every project.


Our electrical works include medium voltage substation facilities, medium voltage substation installation, power & lighting installation, grounding, low voltage electrical installation and  structured cabling (Data-Voice). Furthermore, A&G offers solutions regarding Security Systems (Alarm, Access Control), Fire Detection, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Building Management System (BMS), as well as Building Automation (Instabus).


Energy Systems

Since 2008, A&G has been operating in the field of Renewable Energy and has constructed projects exceeding 650MWp throughout Greece.


Our specialized team of engineers has wide experience in constructing projects related to various types of renewable energy, but most importantly, is able to provide  insightful information regarding incentives, tax credits, current legislation and trends as well as the permit processes. This information involves the use and installation of Photovoltaic Power Plants, Wind Turbines, Hydroelectric Projects and Biomass.


Mechanical Works

When it comes to mechanical works, A&G provides a wide range of comprehensive services, through its vertical integration.

Thus, we have established a department comprised of experienced mechanical engineers, specializing in water supply and sewerage, fire protection, air conditioning & ventilation, biological cleaning and industrial pipe fittings as well.


Maintenance and Repair

Through our versatile, well-organized construction teams, we undertake the maintenance & repair of electrical installations on industrial and commercial sites.


Services regarding Maintenance and Repair  provide first and foremost Emergency Repair, responding promptly to each request. We are also able to provide full-time staff who specializes in a wide range of electrical installations  (electricians, plumbers, refrigeration technicians, sheet metal technicians), plus a 24hr Client Service Hotline. Last but not least, A&G’s commitment to superior service & efficiency comes with a Performance Warranty.

Supervision and Management

We fully recognize the significance of coordinated administration and supervision of construction works. When undertaking the full management of your project, we ensure that quality standards are met at every phase of construction.


As such, A&G guarantees to complete tasks with celerity (promptness) and reliability, to strategically coordinate all parties involved and to remain within the time and financial frameworks of the survey and budget. As a result, we achieve transparency, cost-effectiveness, and also provide you with a Performance Warranty.


A&G invests in both state-of-the-art equipment and its specialized teams, ensuring that our measurements are conducted reliably & accurately.


Some of our already conducted measurement tests include medium voltage testing with VLF generator, low voltage testing with the use of energy analyzer and thermal camera, as well as, structured cabling testing for UTP and optical fibers with network certification tool.

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