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City of Dreams Mediterranean

City of Dreams Mediterranean, the first and only licensed multi-theme resort in Cyprus, the largest in Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

It has a 14-story 5-star hotel with more than 500 luxury rooms and suites, a 7,500m2 casino, luxury spa, conference and exhibition spaces with a total construction area of ​​95,000 sq.m.

In the surrounding area there is an outdoor amphitheater, a complex of swimming tanks, an adventure park, dining areas and luxury shops. The exquisite interior design is based on Melco's international luxury standards, which have been specially adapted for the multi-themed resort of Cyprus, while the exterior design of the project will have a strong Mediterranean character and design references.

The operation of the City of Dreams Mediterranean is expected to boost the development of Cyprus tourism, estimated to attract 300,000 additional visitors annually, contribute to the upgrading of the existing infrastructure of the domestic tourism industry, thus bringing real and long-term benefits to the Cypriot economy and society overall.

State-of-the-art systems of the latest technology have been installed in the premises, both for the power supply and management of the building facilities as well as for their monitoring, placing A & G amongst the acclaimend specialized manufacturers of electrical facilities worldwide.

Our company installed a total of 1,500,000m of low voltage cables, 600 electrical panels, 10 medium voltage substations, 70,000m of metal grids and almost 20,000 lighting fixtures.

The project is expected to be delivered at the end of 2022 and employs a total of 120 technical staff and 15 people with scientific training.


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