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Landmark lignite plant at Ptolemaida, the largest ever built by DEH

Counting a capacity of 660 MW, which will also generate thermal power of 140 MW, to support the district heating of the city of Ptolemaida.

The total development cost of the plant is €1.4 billion, plus €200 million for the accompanying projects. The unit will be put into trial operation in the fall of 2022 and, barring unforeseen events in the tests, it is expected that the start of commercial operation in early 2023 will be fully integrated, thus contributing to the security of the country's energy system.

It is considered a modern unit, with a smaller footprint on the environment, compared to the existing lignite units. It will use lignite reduced by 40% and have reduced pollutant emissions by 60% and particulate matter by 90%. In particular, through the new environmental design (cleaning units, electrostatic filters, larger burners) zero nitrogen emissions are expected compared to the older units, thus contributing to the more economical production of electricity.

The environmental performance of the new unit meets the most stringent requirements of European and national legislation, significantly improving the environmental performance of DEH, as old and energy-intensive units are replaced, achieving a large reduction in lignite consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) and of pollutants.

The new project contributes to:

  • renewing the fleet of PPC's installed units.

  • the production of electricity at a competitive cost (less lignite consumption, reduced CO2 costs, etc.).

  • the significant improvement of the environmental footprint.

  • the most economical electricity production and overall significant benefits for the Greek economy.

The new unit upgrades the Western Macedonia Energy Center, as it will utilize domestic lignite deposits, reducing the country's dependence on imported energy raw materials. It will contribute decisively to the promotion of development and employment in the wider area, as during its operation the permanently employed staff is estimated to exceed 250 people.

In the landmark project of power generation from lignite, our company undertook to build part of the electrical installations, giving us the knowledge and experience to be able to cope with the new, less energy-intensive installations of the future.

The project was completed within 5 years, a total of 100 technical staff were employed, of which 65% were from the local community of Western Macedonia, contributing to the stimulation of the local economy and the reduction of unemployment due to the community's de-lignification strategy.


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